If you have VGT, you can use it to pay a portion of your Vault12 subscription plan. This article explains how to deposit VGT in your wallet, and use it toward your plan upgrade.

Step 1 - Go to vault12.com

Navigate to vault12.com and click the button at the top right labelled "Connect my Vault".

You will then be brought to a webpage with a Vault12 code to scan. Leave this page open, you will be scanning the code using your Vault12 mobile app.

Step 2 - Scan the code using Vault12 mobile

Syncing devices is done by navigating to the Advanced tab within the Vault12 Settings. Start by tapping the settings gear icon at the top of the Dashboard

Once in Settings, tap Advanced.

Within the Advanced tab, select Device Syncing

Open the Device scanner by tapping "Sync a Device"

Scan the code on the webpage by positioning the mobile camera so the code is in clear view. Your app will automatically perform the scan.

Step 3 - Select a Plan

After scanning the code you'll be brought to the Vault12 web dashboard. Choose a plan by tapping the "Upgrade" button on the bottom of the card with your preferred plan.

Step 4 - Activate VGT Discount

At the bottom of the Plan Upgrade screen, you'll see the "Total Due". You can activate the "VGT Discount" toggle here to view the amount of your plan payable in VGT.

Step 5 - Deposit VGT

To upgrade your plan, you'll require a minimum of the "Total Due" in your wallet balance. To deposit VGT, you can use Metamask or send VGT directly to the Deposit Address listed in your wallet.

If you don't have the required funds in your wallet, the "Confirm and Pay" button will be disabled.

Step 6 - Confirm and Pay

If you have enough funds in your wallet, the "Confirm and Pay" button will be active. You may now select the "Confirm and Pay" button, and payment processing will begin.
Depending on network speeds, processing may take a few minutes. The screen will automatically refresh when processing is complete.

Step 7 - Upgrade Complete!

If your transaction was succesful, your vault will be updated momentarily. If you received an error, please wait a few moments and try the transaction again.

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