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Confirming a Vault Owner
Confirming a Vault Owner
How to help a Vault Owner unlock an asset
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If you're a Guardian, there's a good chance you'll need to help a Vault Owner access one of their assets. Follow these simple steps to confirm a Vault owners' identity, and help them unlock an asset:

Step One: Pick a Vault Owner

To get started, tap on the notification you received, or open the Vault12 app to your Dashboard. In the Vault's You're Guarding section, you can pick from one of your recent Vault Owners, or tap See All to access the full list of Guardians you are protecting.

Step Two: Respond to Request

If the Vault Owner has sent a request, you should see a notification informing you of their interest to access an asset. Tap the Unlock button to continue.

Step Three: Confirm Identity

As a secondary level of protection for Vault Owners, you must confirm that you identified the Owner as the source of the unlock request either by phone call, video chat, or in-person communication. This is an added layer of protection for Vault Owner's.

Never confirm asset unlock requests that have not been personally communicated to you by the owner of the Vault.

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