Unlocking an Asset
Learn how to unlock and access your protected assets
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Accessing your assets is as simple as contacting a few of your Guardians and requesting an unlock. The number of Guardians required to unlock an asset depends on how you've set up your Security Policy.

Step 1 - Open Your Vault

To access your Vault, tap View Vault in the Vault12 Dashboard.

Step 2 - Select an Asset

Once inside the Vault, select an asset to view the Asset Detail. In the Asset Detail tap the button labeled Unlock Asset. This sends a notification to all Guardians that you'd like to perform an unlock on your asset.

Step 3 - Managing responses

After initiating the unlock process, all of your Guardians will receive a notification. All Guardians may choose to respond, but the minimum number of Guardians required to unlock is based on your Security Policy. You can use the Unlock Status screen to track incoming confirmations or quickly contact Guardians who may need a reminder.

Guardians: You can simply tap the notification or tap your avatar in the Vault's You're Guarding section to access your unlock dashboard.  Read more about Confirming Vault Owners

Once all invitations have been delivered, you'll see a carousel of contact cards and corresponding avatar circles for each of the Guardians you sent an invitation to. Each card indicates the most recent status of each Guardian and a quick-access way to contact them. Some Guardians may need a reminder so Contact this Guardian may come in handy.

As you receive responses, the avatar circles will be marked with a check to reflect each successful response. 

Step 4 - Once your asset is unlocked, you'll be able to view and download it from the Asset Detail. Your asset will automatically lock, but you can tap Lock Asset Now to immediately re-lock the asset. 

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