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Learn how to secure crypto assets using your Vault
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With Vault12, securing an asset is as simple as drag and drop from your computer with our Desktop Uploader or adding files to your AssetVault using the Vault12 mobile app.

Using Vault12 Mobile

There are a few ways to add an asset. The easiest way is from the Dashboard, by using the shortcut button labeled Add Asset. Alternatively you can add assets from within your Vault by tapping View Vault.

Tapping Add Asset displays a menu with three options. Select one of these methods of adding an asset to your Vault:

Take a Photo : Brings up the device camera to capture an image
Add an Image : Brings up the devices photo library
Add a File : Brings up the devices local file storage

Once you've selected your asset or have taken an image, you will want to name your asset. Tap the label input at the top of the screen to rename the asset to something you will easily recognize when looking for it later. Tap Save Asset to initiate the upload to your vault.

After initiating the upload, you'll return to the AssetVault and your asset will appear in the list. Each asset being uploaded has a status below the file name to indicate the progress of the asset as its cryptographically secured across all guardian devices. 

Locked assets have a status icon with a closed lock. Assets still in progress uploading will show an unlocked icon with a circular progress indicator. Each blue bar indicates a successful upload to a guardian.

Tapping on the asset in the list will bring up the Asset Detail view. From here you can see which Guardians have secured your asset, and contact ones who need to.

If a Guardian hasn't secured your asset, they simply need to power on their device, and open the Vault12 app. The asset will automatically sync to their phone.

Once your asset has been successfully added to the vault. The Asset Detail will reflect the date + time your file was uploaded and will now allow you to perform an Unlock. 

Using the Vault12 Uploader 

Uploading Assets

To start, simply launch the Vault12 Uploader by double clicking the application icon. Once open, you can either drag and drop any files from your computer straight onto the application or tap the Select a File button to navigate your hard drive. You can upload files one at a time, or choose to upload multiple files simultaneously.

The status of assets being uploaded indicated on the right hand side of the row of each item being uploaded.

Green Check - Asset uploaded successfully.

Progress Circle - Indicates status of upload in progress. Tapping the X button cancels the upload.

Red Exclamation - There was an error during upload. Tapping Retry will attempt to upload the asset again.

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