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The Vault12 Dashboard
The Vault12 Dashboard
Introduction to the Vault12 Dashboard
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The main hub of the Vault12 experience is the Dashboard or Home screen. From here you view a summary of your Vault, navigate to notifications or settings, or interact with and manage the Vaults you are a Guardian of.

Vault Status

The Vault12 system is constantly monitoring the status of your Guardians. The first thing you'll notice on the Dashboard is the greeting and Guardian status update at the top of the screen. There are two types of messages you might see:

Welcome back, Your Vault is Secure : Seeing this status means that Vault12 hasn't detected any issues with your Vault. All of your Guardians are are still active, and your assets are secure.

Your Vault requires attention, a Guardian is inactive : This indicates that Vault12 found one or more of your Guardians to be inactive. Inactivity can be the result of a few things, so there's no need to panic. Because we are constantly pinging your Guardians devices to ensure availability, you may receive an inactive notification if a Guardian device is powered off or hasn't been on a network in more than 48 hours.

If you receive this message, you are encouraged to remediate the issue by contacting the inactive Guardian, and reminding them to open Vault12.

Vault Overview

The Overview is a summary of the status of your vault, and shows important data points like the current storage capacity as well as the total number of stored assets and Guardians. ย 

The Vault door includes a status indicator that shows green when all Guardians are active, and red when a Guardian is detected as inactive or your Vault requires attention for another reason.

Tapping on the full panel or the "View Vault" button will open the Vault itself.

Tapping "Add Asset" will allow you to quickly upload a new asset to your Vault

Vaults You Are Guarding

This area is a quick access panel to manage and interact with Vault owners that you are a Guardian. You can quickly add someone by tapping the "+" button.

Avatars are organized by the most recently accessed. Tapping on an avatar will bring you to the Vault for that friend. From there, you can help them perform an Unlock & Restore of their assets.


The gear icon in the top right of the screen brings you to Vault12 Settings.

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