Vault12 has plans to fit any type of Vault configuration or size. Choosing a plan is simple, but requires you to have some Ethereum on hand to pay the monthly fee. We offer 3 dynamic Vault plan options:

The Basic Plan
For beginners or users looking to try out the application. Expires in every 30 days.

The Standard Plan
1 Year subscription with standard features and storage up to 10 assets.

The Premiun Plan
1 Year subscription with premium level features and storage up to 50 assets.

Step 1 - Pick your plan

Choose one of the three plans on the plan selection screen seen above.

Step 2 - Fund your plan

You will be presented with a summarized bill for the yearly cost of your Vault. You will be required to send the amount due in Ethereum (ETH) to Vault12. Don't worry, these dues are kept in escrow, and we'll only take the first months payment to get started.

This panel shows the current balance in ETH of your Vault12 Escrow Account. You'll be able to find the address of your Escrow Account on this panel. Sending a minimum of the amount due will enable you to start using. Make sure you send only Ethereum or VGT. Sending any other currency such as Ethereum Classic or Bitcoin will result in loss.

Step 3 - Purchase your Plan

Once you've sent the amount due in ETH to your escrow account, the purchase button at the foot of the screen be enabled. Purchase the plan and continue on to your new Vault!

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