Now you need to contact each Guardian individually to add them to your Vault. Using the Vault Setup screen, you can add any extra iOS or Android devices to may have laying around. You can add Guardians by scanning the code of a nearby device.

At the top of the screen you'll see a series of circles. Each circle represents a Guardian based on the number of Guardians required by the Security Policy you indicated previously. Tapping a circle will bring up the menu options to add a Guardian to that particular slot.

Remember: You need to have complete trust in the people or devices you choose to protect your assets.  

Step 1 - Add Personal Device

This is the Vault Setup screen. At the top you'll see a series of circles. The number of circles correlates to the number of Guardians you chose to protect your Vault. Tapping on a circle will allow you to add a Guardian to that slot.

Tap the "Add Personal Device" button

Step 2 - Scan Vault12 Code

Tapping the "Add Personal Device" button will bring up the camera. Use the camera to scan the Vault12 Code of your personal device. To display the code, follow the instructions on Adding a Device as Guardian

Step 3 - Manage Invitations

Once you've scanned the Vault12 Code, you will return back to the Vault Setup screen to manage the status of outstanding invitations.

Guardians added by scanning a code should appear instantaneously but if that isn't the case, make sure both devices are online to ensure proper communication between devices.


Next Step: Choosing a Plan

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