If you are a Guardian, you may be earning Ethereum for your effort. To monitor your Guardian income you'll navigate over to the Wallet screens. Access to the Wallet view is located at the foot of the Dashboard.

Balance & Available Balance

At the top of the Wallet view, you'll find your Balance. Your balance is updated in real time to reflect the amount of crypto you've earned based on your Guardian Terms.

Your Available Balance represents the amount of crypto currently available for withdraw. Crypto earned from being a guardian becomes available every 30 days.  


In the section labeled "Transactions" you'll find a scrolling list of transactions made from your wallet. Transactions are ordered chronologically, and can be filtered using the toggle on the right side. These are the types of transactions you'll find here:

Guardian Income - Represents income from Vault Owners that you are a Guardian for. Payment becomes available every 30 days from the day a Guardian accepts an invitation to join a Vault.

Subscription Plan - Represents the total amount due to maintain your Vault and compensate all of your Guardians.

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