You can install Vault12 on your iOS and/or Android app to protect your crypto, earn VGT and help out your friends. Here’s how to set up Vault12 for mobile:

Step 1 - Install Vault12

First install Vault12 on your iOS, Android device. Once you install Vault12, you are ready to create your first Vault (with the help of a few Guardians that also have the app)

Step 2 - Get Started

To create a Vault, tap "Get Started" on the Vault12 intro screen. You will be brought to a menu that has 3 options. Choose the first option : "Create a Vault"

Step 3 - T&C

Review and accept the Vault12 Terms & Conditions.

Step 4 - Permissions

Vault12 requires permission to access your contacts. We do this to identify and confirm secure communication between you and your Guardians. It also makes it a bit easier to complete the initial set up.

Step 4 - Personalize

Creating a Vault requires you to personalize the Vault so that your Guardians can find you and help with unlocks or restores. As you start entering your name, Vault12 typeahead will attempt locate your information in your contacts to pre-fill the following screens. If your name doesn't appear in typeahead, continue entering your full name, and move on to add your email and phone number.

Step 5 - Set a Security Level

Simply put, the security level is the number of Guardians you will need to contact to perform an unlock or restore of your assets. Use the slider to pick a pre-set security level. As you increase the security level, the maximum number of Guardians required to support that level will be indicated at the bottom. That number will be the total number of friends or devices that you'll be required to add to your Vault.

Advanced Settings
If you require a more custom security level, toggling the "Advanced" button will display two carousels to more precisely define a security level that fits your needs.

Caution: Advanced security levels should only be used by skilled Vault owners, as they can make data recovery more difficult or even impossible.

Note: Once you save your security level, it cannot be changed without restarting the process. Make sure the number of Guardians required to access your assets isn't set to be too difficult to achieve, nor too easy. Please refer to our Guardian Guidelines for more help on choosing the right security.


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